I’m a creative brain that helps brands and people communicate what they’re about. With a background in design, I’m a mashup of brand strategy, art direction, clever ideas and words that connect.

I love the balance between business and creative.

It’s all about the why before you get to the work.

Most recently I’ve been running a one-woman creative agency, working with brands across the hospitality, e-commerce, creative, service and manufacturing industries. I work closely with clients to understand their business, tease out their message and effectively communicate it to an engaged target audience. I leverage my skills in strategy, design, art direction and copywriting across the digital world and the real one.

Alongside being a creative entrepreneur, I thrive on being a leader and teacher. I lecture in Advertising, Branding, Career Preparation and Design Software at CATC Design School. I love connecting with each student, understanding their motivations and drivers, and the challenge of teaching them new concepts and skills in a way that they can plug into.

Nothing is more fulfilling than watching something – a person or a business – grow.

My creative background has seen me manage both people and projects. I’ve steered small creative teams through national press, point of sale and outdoor advertising campaigns. I’ve brought big websites to life and helped businesses find their voice through brand strategy, copywriting and social media. I’ve dissected the DNA of tons of small and large businesses to translate it into a visual identity. I’ve managed the hectic day-to-day life of busy studios and loved the challenge of finding each designer’s strengths and sore points to help them achieve the best for themselves, the project and the business.

Just so you know, I’ve got a piece of paper (Bachelor of Design (Communication Design), 2011) and did a whole bunch of hardcore learning at AWARD School (2013) and Copy School (2012). I also have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and have done a bunch of upskilling in styling for photography, too.

I front a melodic punk rock band called Pitt The Elder, where I bring the poetic lyricism and on-stage energy and karate kicks.

I like the deep end, where my feet can’t quite touch the bottom.

I’m here to help people connect to themselves and to the world around them.