How to Nail the Leap from Design Student to Real-Life Designer

So the safe haven of education is coming to an end and the blinding light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. As the real world inches closer, here’s some nuts and bolts to help you on your journey from student to successful, employable graphic designer. Marks don’t matter – Ps get degrees I was always a really high achiever, an A+ student at school. Uni however, was a very different story. I really struggled with good marks, for various reasons. I’d just moved out of home, felt very overwhelmed, and the structure (or lack thereof) of university life…


How To Estimate For Creative Work

Projection versus Past I watched a TED talk (which, no matter how many combinations of random words I punch into Google I can no longer find) about a couple of very accomplished, academic guys who re-wrote a school textbook (or something to that effect). They projected a project schedule of one to two years. It took them seven. We’re notoriously bad at estimating how long things will take. Tell your friend you’ll be there in ten, it’s always more like 20. Think you can quickly punch out a few emails or a load of laundry while dinner is cooking, you’ll…


How To Manage Your Time

Time. That weird, undefinable thing that we’re all obsessed with, wish we had more of, can’t quite seem to accurately value, and can never get back. Many people fight an ongoing battle with time. We all have the same amount of it, and it treats us all the same. Learning how to manage time is one hell of a learning curve, but taking control of how you utilise it is incredibly empowering. Your time is your time, unless you choose to give it to someone else It’s easy to battle through your day feeling like a slave. Your time belongs…


How To Manage Interns

Interns can be both a great blessing and a gigantic pain in the ass. You’ll probably pick up on the first day if they’re going to be painful. A quick screening slipped into the ‘here is the kitchen and here’s where you’ll be working’ spiel often provides a good gauge. Me: “What particular strengths would you like to build on, or gaps would you like to work on while you’re here?” Them: “I’m trying to get a job as an illustrator, so I really only want to work on illustration. I really don’t want to work on any logo design…